IDIOM – know (one’s) beans:-
to be knowledgeable about and/or

very familiar with something

Hello – my Name is Eduardo, your friendly neighborhood-green-coffee-bean-supplier. When it comes to your coffee beans – why should you literally, know your beans?


Knowing your beans starts with traceability – Traceability is the capability to trace something. In some cases, it is interpreted as the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification.

When it comes to coffee beans traceability is inextricably linked to quality – knowing that the beans are fresh, from a singular source and are of a top grade is vital in getting the best quality coffee beans to our customers.

Origin, traceability and certification all affect quality – All our speciality coffee beans can be traced back to the farm on which they were grown.


The ‘birthplace’ of the humble coffee bean can speak volumes about it’s character….intricacies linked to this such as location, altitude, climate, soil, bean processing practices and coffee varietals all influence flavour.

Flavour profiles ranging from fruity pineapple, blueberry and watermelon, all the way through to darker chocolate flavours – all are linked to the beans’ origin.

By personally visiting the places of origin we are able to provide you with the best picture of the flavour profiles of our beans.


We are your “man on the ground” – By visiting the farms directly and meeting all involved we are literally your “eyes and ears”. Investing in making the trips allows us to ensure that the beans we buy are beyond reproach, that farmers are recognised and encouraged, that our suppliers are satisfied with negotiations and most importantly that the environment is treated with the respect deserved – all factors contributing to a sustainable supply of the best green beans possible.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% Fair Trade company and we pay special attention to the traceability of our speciality beans.


Brazil has 14 major coffee-producing regions which has resulted in incredibly diverse beans. What make our beans stand out from the rest is the fact that they are sourced from the Cerrado Mineiro Region. The region, which lies in Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-growing state in Brazil. It is recognised as a Designation of Origin – this means it is a demarcated territory which produces beans with characteristics unique to the region. It is currently the only region in Brazil bearing such a title.

Distinct flavor notes include moderate to full body, chocolate with notes of caramel and walnut, with a delicate citric acidity.

Join us again next month as I share some more of the beauty of our imported Brazilian speciality coffee beans.